Splinter Cell: Blacklist Clip Offers 9 Minutes Of Spies Vs Mercs

| 29 Jul 2013 18:31

The fan-favorite "Spies Vs Mercs" multiplayer mode returns in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and we've got nearly nine minutes of video exploring the title's online gameplay.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the latest entry in the long-running Splinter Cell franchise, one of the many gaming series spun-off from the works of military thriller novelist Tom Clancy. As such, it features hardened soldiers doing the sorts of things that hardended soldiers do, but since Splinter Cell was initially conceived to compete with Metal Gear Solid, this Tom Clancy tale is heavy on the subterfuge and light on full-auto SAW fire.

This could make designing multiplayer for the title a chore, as it's just not possible to ape the sort of mass combat seen in Call of Duty. However, the Splinter Cell franchise has adapted by offering players the "Spies Vs Mercs" multiplayer gameplay mode in which two teams pit their sneaking skills against one another. Spies Vs Mercs is arguably the most beloved feature in the Splinter Cell series, and long-time fans will be happy to see it return in the upcoming Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

That clip you see embedded at top-right is just under nine minutes of footage detailing the Spies Vs Mercs gameplay mode as presented in Blacklist. It certainly looks shiny, and adds a few gameplay nuances to what we've come to expect from the mode, but overall it seems a pretty classic recreation of what fans enjoyed in earlier Splinter Cell titles.

Play the video, form an opinion, leave comments below. You know the drill.

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