Payday 2: Skills For The Modern Criminal Video

| 31 Jul 2013 08:43

Would anyone like a medical bag? No? How about some ammo, then?

Your modern criminal in Payday 2 isn't a brain-dead thug with a gun. He has abilities the like of which few cops ever want to come up against, like the ability to just spawn a gun turret if he feels like it, or put down mines. How about some ammo? Always handy on those lazy days when there's nothing better to do than shoot people. Or perhaps you'd rather ghost your way around the map, stopping alarms and opening up even the toughest doors. The world is your oyster; all you have to do is crack it open.

Payday 2, if you don't already know, is Overkill Software's co-op heist game. You take your band - the mastermind, technician, enforcer and ghost - off to the places where dollar bills live and breed, at the behest of the mysterious Crimenet. Don't expect an easy life, as the game will throw in random complications - betrayals, FBI ambushes, maybe even a rain of kittens, who knows - which will really mess with your carefully planned crime spree. But as Willie Sutton observed, "you can't rob a bank on charm and personality;" take along a big enough gun, and maybe you won't have to worry too much about random complications.

This one's due August 2013 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: 505 Games

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