Ender's Game Movie Gets Final Trailer

| 7 Aug 2013 15:40

The Ender's Game movie has been gifted with a final, explosion filled trailer before its November release.

Setting aside all the baggage that comes with the property, it's pretty exciting to think that Ender's Game, a classic of science fiction literature, will be getting an honest-to-goodness film adaptation. Now, with the days swiftly ticking away leading up to its November 1st release, a final trailer has been put out to entice potential film-goers into giving the flick a view when it finally hits theaters.

Beginning with some exposition by Harrison Ford's grumpy sounding Graff, the trailer powers ahead full force with scenes of interstellar combat mixed in with bits of characters saying dramatic things to each other. The focus here is definitely on the spaceships going boom, which is somewhat ironic considering that the space battles were arguably much less prominent in the overall book than the Battle Room sequences this trailer only glimpses upon. We're going to guess that epic explosions are just more marketable than children playing zero gravity laser tag.

The trailer, overall, isn't terrible. It's very much on the flashy side, which could be worrisome considering how much of the book dealt with the thoughts and emotions of the title character. That said, it wouldn't be the first time a trailer sold audiences one product just to deliver something different so, until we're told otherwise, we'll hold onto the hope that the film might capture the emotional nuance of the original book. Honestly, if there's anything to criticize the trailer for, it would be how extremely spoiler-ific it is. We won't point out anything specific, but wow. Way to let it all hang out, guys.

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