Rumor: Amazon Working on Android Console

| 9 Aug 2013 05:15
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Ouya and its competitors may soon have to contend with an Amazon backed console.

As if the Ouya's problems weren't already prominent enough, rumors would suggest that the poster child for Android-based consoles is about to get another competitor. A big one. According to unnamed sources Amazon, also known as the world's premier online retailer and one of the most successful companies on the planet, may be in the process of developing its own Android console.

While no specific release date or price has been mentioned, the anonymous sources suggested the new console would be out in time for Black Friday. It will also apparently feature its own dedicated controller and be designed to utilize the many titles already available on the Android platform.

While none of this is confirmed and the details are obviously quite vague, if this amounts to any sort of truth it could be big news both for Amazon and the expanding market of Android based consoles. While Ouya had to turn to Kickstarter for its funding, an Amazon console would have the benefit of the company's substantial resources. Resources which, in the past have produced devices like the Kindle Fire. Honestly, we have a hard time seeing how Ouya and its current contemporaries would be able to compete. From name recognition alone, Amazon would have a pretty huge advantage. Not to mention that Prime users would have the benefit of free two-day shipping, which means they'd probably get their consoles a lot faster than Ouya backers. It's safe to say we'll be watching this one with interest.

Source: Game Informer

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