Bioware Auctioning Personalized Mass Effect Phone Greeting

| 17 Aug 2013 04:55
Bioware Charity

Bioware is auctioning autographed Dragon Age and Mass Effect memorabilia for charity.

Whatever your feelings on the current state of affairs at Bioware, we're going to assume that you can still appreciate the social benefits of a charity drive. Hoping to aid in fundraising for Easter Seals, an organization that provides assistance for Canadian and American citizens with disabilities, Bioware recently announced that it would be putting together a team to participate in the Easter Seals Drop Zone event, wherein participants rappel down the side of a 28-story building dressed as superheroes.

In order to qualify for participation, Bioware is hoping to raise $14,000 before the event takes place on August 29th. To that end, the company has revealed that it will be holding a special auction event via eBay. Beginning on August 19th, Bioware will be selling off rare memorabilia including a limited edition Dragon Age lore book, a collector's edition Mass Effect art book and a variety of comic book and games, all signed by Bioware's development staff.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the auction for Mass Effect fans however, is a unique opportunity to get a custom voice mail message performed by Mark Meer, the voice of (male) Commander Shepard. While it's a bit disappointing that female fans won' t have Jennifer Hale's FemShep as an option, it's nonetheless neat to think of people calling you and being directed to a voice saying "I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite phone on the Citadel. Please leave a message after the beep."

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