World of Warplanes Is Ready To Fly

| 20 Aug 2013 14:00

World of Warplanes has confirmed a September launch date with a Gamescon trailer that's hellishly cool.

Being old may afflict me with a certain bias about videogames - I can remember a time when flight sims were the pinnacle of electronic entertainment and joysticks were de rigueur - but even though it's all cinematics and I know this kind of thing doesn't really fly with the kids anymore, the new World of Warplanes trailer really makes me smile.

After two months of open beta that saw nearly three million people take part in more than 202 million combat flights, World of Warplanes is finally ready to fly, and since Gamescom is spooling up at this very moment it's obviously time for a new trailer. And I do like what I see: Runstangs and Spits, Messers and Buffs, and just enough crazy stunt flying to remind you that this is in fact a videogame.

Alas, you won't likely be taking any of the machines in this video into the unfriendly skies anytime soon. Assuming World of Warplanes works like World of Tanks, you'll start off in the clunkiest of machines, probably a Yak from the early 30s or maybe an F3F if you're lucky, and then have to work your way up to the "real" warbirds. Not that they won't be fun to fly when everyone's on more or less equal footing, but the good times tend to stop rolling in a hurry when some jerk comes to the party in an F86.

The free-to-play World of Warplanes launches in North America and Europe on September 26, one day after its "real" debut in CIS countries. To find out more about the game, hit up

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