Redshirt Open Beta Lures Recruits To High Priority Outpost

| 22 Aug 2013 11:13

We GUARANTEE exiting career prospects for years to come. Station Commander's assistant sound like a job you want?

Your future is Megaladon Nine, sci fi parody Redshirt promises, and it's launching in open beta to prove it. Will you learn to make friends and influence aliens? Or will you become a tacky stain upon the floor? The choice is - technically - yours, so long as you use Spacebook to your advantage. Not that you would. You're an honest ... well, semi honest ... low-ranking nudnik. Such tactics would be beneath you. Watch this soothing trailer, and it will assuage all your fears about your new home, which definitely isn't a pawn in an intergalactic war.

You start off as a nothing, a zip, a mere welcome mat on the doorstep of space, the sort of soul who gets sent off on deadly away missions because, why not? Who'll miss you? But if you play the social game - via Spacebook - you can maybe keep your crimson uniform from getting perforated. The idea is to work your way up the space corporate ladder so that you don't get sent off on those away missions - far too valuable - while at the same time remaining happy, healthy, and above all else, important. You'll need to manage your budget, your time, and your social calendar if you want to climb the ranks, so be careful not to screw up too often, or it's back to the away mission roster for you.

Website? Is there a website? I'm pretty sure there was one around here somewhere. Let me check under the alien ... aha! Here it is. All pre-orders come with Steam keys so that, when this space station becomes fully operational, you'll be able to join your galactic brethren. Current price tag on that pre-order is $19.99, if you're feeling up to the challenge.

Source: PC Gamer

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