Wasteland 2 Gameplay Demo Explodes All the Goats

| 30 Aug 2013 03:35

The 20-minute video shows dialogue, combat, and creative animal luring.

While Wasteland 2 is currently undergoing delays, InXile Entertainment wants to ensure its backers that the wait isn't in vain. To that end, it's released a sizable gameplay demo that shows off the NPC interaction, decision making, and creative solutions in their upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG with a gameplay demonstration.

The 20 minute demo has project lead Chris Keenan walk though a prison level. While Keenan notes that it's a few levels in, the open-world setup means that players can head there right away if they want too, "but it probably won't go so well," he notes.

The dialog system rings with a decidedly old-school tone, as players have to click on keywords to progress. Keenan talks about the various ramifications that each decision could have, both long and short term. An example is shown in the case of a wounded woman who begs for a mercy killing. The various responses the player can take don't affect a morality scale, nor do they award paragon points. They simply are, and the player will have to live with the consequences of his actions.

The video also displays a rather cunning use of the game's various skills. A character's high perception score spots a field of landmines, and instead of carefully attempting to either circumvent it or disarm a path, one ranger uses the Animal Whisper skill to lure nearby goats into the field, destroying the mines with bleats of surprise. Keenan claims that the sole purpose of the Animal Whisper skill isn't to trick harmless animals into exploding, but that's a possible outcome. One can only imagine how a morality slider might react to that.

InXile expects to start testing an open beta of Wasteland 2 in October, with a full release shortly after.

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