Tokyo Game Show in Pictures Part 1: Business Days

| 20 Sep 2013 10:36

Have a gander at the most beautiful, interesting, and downright weird sights from the TGS show floor.

Tokyo Game Show is a four-day event that is split into two parts: two industry-only "business days" and two open-to-all "public days." The business days are all serious-like, and aren't open to cosplay from the general public. But it doesn't stop corporations from hiring some gorgeous pieces of eye-candy to put in appealing costumes, though, and when you pair it with some elaborate PR displays, and sprinkle in Japan's penchant for the bizarre, it means that despite the lack of cosplay, there were still plenty of beautiful, interesting, and downright weird sights during the show's business days.


First up, a nice establishing shot of the show floor.

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