Obduction Kickstarter Ends With First Stretch Goal Met

| 16 Nov 2013 12:58

The Obduction Kickstarter is over, but there's still time to throw your money at it.

Cyan's Obduction Kickstarter achieved its funding goal earlier this week, good news for gamers anxious for more Myst-style gameplay from the studio that started it all, but that wasn't the end of the effort. It was a close thinig, the goal being hit less than three days before the Kickstarter was scheduled to end, but that was enough time to bring the total to $1,321,306, meaning that the first stretch goal - Oculus Rift support and localization in French, Italian, German and Spanish - will be implemented.

The team brought the Kickstarter to a close with a short (and yes, perhaps a bit cheesy) video that doesn't really say or show much about the game but marks the end of one phase of the creation of Obduction and the beginning of the next. That doesn't mean that you're out of luck if you missed the boat, however; the Kickstarter is over but Cyan is still taking payments through the Obduction website via PayPal and offering reward tiers at $250 and lower.

With the Kickstarter successfully completed, Cyan estimates that Obduction will be ready to go in mid-to-late 2015 for Windows and MacOS.

Source: Obduction

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