Dying Light Trailer Features Day/Night Cycle, Zombies

| 17 Dec 2013 11:36

Apparently the zombies get way more feisty after dark in Dying Light.

Dying Light, the next first-person zombie survival game from Dead Island developer Techland, has two game-changing features that distinguish it from the studio's past Zombie-filled experiences: The game's new free-running movement mechanics and a day/night cycle, which will strongly encourage players to finish missions by day and take shelter by night. In Techland's newest gameplay demo, we get to see what happens when you don't play by those rules.

Aside from the reduced visibility - zombies seem to coming out every alley and window, so awareness is important - the zombies are way more aggressive at night. They're more likely to chase you and keep chasing you. Combined with the fact that you can't see, it's only a matter of time before you make a wrong move and, just like that, you're getting eaten.

If you haven't watched any gameplay footage of Dying Light yet, you'll also get a eyeful of the game's parkour-laden movement style. There's a lot of jumping on zombies to reach rooftops, shoving to maintain momentum, and dropkicks. We can't forget about the dropkicks.

Dying Light will come to PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2014

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