See Peggle 2 Fan's Wedding Proposal In Very Special Beta

| 23 Dec 2013 07:44

Romance fans, fret ye not - she says what you hope she's going to say.

Rob knew he'd met the girl of his dreams, but Peggle 2 helped him seal the deal. He persuaded PopCap to slip in something special, so that when Shireen played through what she believed was a pre-release version, she found herself in a very unique beta. See what happens next!

"I got all the achievements," says Shireen, who thinks she's there for a contest. "Cleared every level!" Well, almost every level. There's an Extreme Fever you don't see every day!

The Peggle 2 team likes to boast that Everything Is Better With Peggle. Well, this time the team's got a point. Congratulations to Rob and Shireen! Here's hoping many, many years of peg-clearing happiness lie ahead.

Source: PopCap YouTube

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