Game of Thrones Season Four Premiere Coming April 6

| 10 Jan 2014 05:10
Game of thrones daen

Game of Thrones' fourth season will begin at 9PM.

Honestly, at this point Game of Thrones could probably call it quits as a TV series and, thanks to the events of season three, still be remembered as one of the most shocking and devastating television shows ever filmed. While we won't spoil it for the one or two people out there who don't already know what happens, suffice it to say that there are moments in season three will make you feel sick to your stomach. In a good a way though, if that makes any sense.

That being the case, HBO has revealed that the series' fourth season will be premiering in just a few months on April 6th at 9PM. Season four will start up right there the last one left off and, by the end of its run, should wrap up the events of the book series' third entry A Storm of Swords.

Again, you'll get no spoilers from our end, but if you haven't read the books and season three left you feeling like nothing good ever happens, season four should have a few nice pick-me-ups. These will, of course, be mixed in with other moments of devastation and heartache but, just personally, I'm looking forward to a lot of what season four should have to offer.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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