Project Zomboid Now Has Multiplayer, Players Will Run Servers

| 21 Jan 2014 08:03

"I can't run, I'm over-encumbered!" A tragedy for the modern age.

"Online multiplayer with persistent player run servers! Yes!" That's the good word from Indie Stone, the studio behind survival horror Project Zomboid. If you're wondering what that looks like, take the time out to watch Dev Adventures in Zomboid, as our heroes wander from trailer park to house, to not quite as zombie infested house, in hope of sanctuary. And crisps. Crisps are key.

Indie Stone isn't sure how many players will be able to coexist, but it managed 10-12 on a domestic cable connection. Anyone with a copy of the game can set up their own mini server, adjusting the settings to suit their idea of what a zombie survival game should be like. Those servers will be fully moddable, and with that functionality, and Java, comes the potential for hacks. Until Indie Stone can come up with some countermeasures, it recommends players stick with whitelisted servers for now.

"We need to make clear that this in no way impacts the Indie Stone's massive focus on single-player for this game," says Indie Stone. It doesn't believe a game should punish those who opt for single player only. It's still working hard on NPC support, scripting, and story. But it acknowledges that lack of multiplayer, up to now, has been a big turn-off for a lot of gamers. Now, it hopes, they'll dive right in to the zombie goodness.

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Source: Indie Stone

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