Google Launches Online LEGO Builder Build With Chrome

| 29 Jan 2014 15:32

Google and LEGO have launched Build With Chrome, a virtual LEGO builder with location-based project browsing.

LEGO bricks are arguably among the most versatile toys ever made. Time and time again enterprising artists have demonstrated how, with enough time, patience and ingenuity, it's possible to build or recreate just about anything. That said, LEGO building also comes with some inconveniences. The teeny tiny bricks are hard to pick up, easy to lose and, if you have young children or especially stupid pets, often choking hazards. That in mind, a new virtual LEGO program has just been released that could potentially make pretend construction a lot more convenient.

The program in question, Build With Chrome, gives users a blank LEGO space along with a selection of virtual bricks, pieces and rudimentary tools that can be used to build pretty much whatever you can come up with. Where things get kind of interesting is with the program's mapping options that allow you publish your creation which can then viewed by others. It's worth noting, however, that that feature does require giving Google some personal information. Even so, it's a nifty little option that adds a bit extra to an already solid concept.

Building With Chrome is far from perfect. Its brick selection, for instance, is currently somewhat limited and, it also has has a few kinks minor that Google needs to work out of its system. That said, it's a free and fun diversion that's sure to entertain even the most cursory of LEGO fans. The fact that you won't step on any painfully misplaced pieces after a building session should be more than enough incentive to at least give it a try.

Source: The Consumerist

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