D&D Yoga Class Features Workout Based on Dice Rolling, Goblin Slaying

| 31 Jan 2014 19:09

Dungeons & Dragons gets rolled into a night of meditative exercises.

A Brooklyn-based artist and dungeon master recently found a new way to experience D&D - by turning it into a yoga class. Scott Wayne Indiana set up the class with the help of yoga instructor Sarah Dahnke earlier this week, with Indiana drawing upon his experience with the game to create a variety of different yoga forms for use in a D&D-inspired "guided narrative."

The class all shared a character, "a roguish, rugged individual, who had run afoul of local law," and was tasked with delivering a mysterious package to an ancient temple. So, pretty much your standard D&D quest, except this one had its players getting physical with exercises such as "Dice Rolling Pose," "Opening Door," "Flipping a Switch," and "Sword One" and "Sword Two," which the yoga class used to dispatch an imaginary goblin.

The class was apparently successful as Indiana is thinking about making it a regular event. He told the website Animal that he wants to add more interactive elements, dice rolls, and player discussion in future installments.

I'm not saying I know a lot about yoga, but I have some suggestions for a few more poses should Indiana and Dahnke need them for their next class:

- "The TPK"

- "Pretending to Pay Attention While That One Guy Recites His Character's Entire Backstory to the Group"

- "Flipping the Entire Game Table After You Roll a 1 for, Like, the Fifth Straight Time"

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, or you just have some of your own D&D/yoga jokes to add, feel free to share in the comments!

Source: Animal via Kotaku

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