Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Has Post-Game Unlockable Content

| 5 Feb 2014 13:20

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright comes to European 3DS systems on Mar. 28, and Nintendo posted a trailer.

In a crossover that wasn't expected to leave Japan, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is scheduled for a western release in late March. Nintendo announced today that players who finish the game's main story will unlock content based on how many of a certain item the player collects over the course of the game.

Players hoping to unlock the content should keep an eye out for picarats, which originate from the Professor Layton series. In the series, the player earns picarats for completing puzzles, with more picarats being awarded for harder puzzles. When entering an incorrect answer, the amount of picarats awarded will decrease. In Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, picarats are awarded at the end of a trial and will be reduced depending on how many penalties the player received during the trial.

Included in post-game content is free, extra downloadable content that will be released gradually, such as 12 short episodes for the game. Exclusive artwork, music, and galleries with comments the development team will also be available.

In addition to picarats, Phoenix Wright will be able to use Hint Coins from the Professor Layton series to narrow down options when presenting evidence and provide hints during cross-examinations. Multiple witnesses to a crime can take the stand to be questioned, meaning the player needs to be aware of how other witnesses act during another's testimony.

Nintendo of America hasn't pinned down an official release date yet for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. It will release in Europe on Mar. 28th in six languages. Nintendo UK also revealed a new, short teaser for the game today.

Source: Gamasutra

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