Netflix's House of Cards Joins Forces with Cards Against Humanity

| 10 Feb 2014 14:50
House of Cards Against Humanity

House of Cards Against Humanity combines an addictive television series with an addictive card game.

House of Cards' second season is scheduled to hit Netflix in a few short days, which means that fans don't have a lot of time to get their affairs in order before disappearing into a marathon viewing session. And Netflix has managed to make time management even more difficult by teaming up with Cards Against Humanity, the chronically addictive card game.

According to the folks at Cards Against Humanity, Netflix approached the game maker to develop a House of Cards-themed expansion pack to celebrate the show's second season. "One month and many brainstorming sessions later," says the House of Cards Against Humanity website, "we completed the House of Cards Pack: 25 brand-new cards about power, politics, passive-aggressive handjobs, and other scenes that we can never unsee."

And in an unnaturally generous gesture, Cards Against Humanity is giving the pack away for free. Sadly, when I attempted to collect my copy (for research purposes, of course), the inventory was sold out. Though, they did supply me with a freebie PDF containing printable versions of the cards.

If you'd like to download your very own copy of the House of Cards Against Humanity pack, the company has setup a special website. And, as a reminder, House of Cards' second season will be released on February 14th.

Source: House of Cards Against Humanity

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