Goat Simulator Heading to Steam's Green Pastures

| 11 Feb 2014 17:14

Goat Simulator may have been born as a one-off joke, but its massive viral appeal has the developers milking it for all it's worth (in a good way).

Have you been waiting your whole life for a high-octane goat simulation sandbox? No? Well, you may want to check out the trailer for the upcoming Goat Simulator to find out just how wrong you are. The game, which began as a humble programming experiment, went viral when a short gameplay clip hit YouTube. The developer, Coffee Stain Studios, made it clear in the video's description that this wasn't going to be a real product, but our collective excitement couldn't be denied. Goat Simulator will arrive on Steam as a full-fledged title this spring.

The team at Coffee Stain Studios seems to be baffled at why exactly everybody wants this, but the demand is definitely there. "OKAY INTERNET YOU WIN," reads the description on the new trailer. "IT LOOKS LIKE GOAT SIMULATOR IS OUR NEXT IP."

Goat Simulator is inspired by sandbox skating gamers, except instead of skating, you're a goat. It makes perfect sense, really. Earn points by breaking things, doing flips, getting hit by cars... just about anything, from the looks of the trailer. Now that this project has the team's full attention, more new features are being added such as the ability to grab items with your tongue, so you can chase confused citizens as an axe-toting maniac goat.

Pre-orders are available now for $10. We'll report back when we know how many Game of the Year awards Goat Simulator has won.

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