Guise of the Wolf Dev Takes Down Negative YouTube Review - Update 2

| 26 Feb 2014 20:15

VP at Maker Studios David Sievers confirms that the copyright strike against TotalBiscuit for his Guise of The Wolf review was from its dev.

Update 2: It looks like this story has a happy ending for the Cynical Brit. TotalBiscuit has reported that his Guise of the Wolf video is now back up on YouTube, and both copyright strikes against his channel have been removed.

Source: Twitter

Update: Fun Creator sent TotalBiscuit a "final message", warning him to delete all of his Twitter posts and delete his YouTube channel or else it would get the lawyers involved. They also said not to bother retweeting the email, because they would just claim it was a fake. He retweeted it anyway:

Original Story: Heard of Fun Creator's Guise of The Wolf? I'm not suprised, as it has been universally panned by critics, including everyone's (2nd) favorite British YouTube personality TotalBiscuit. Fun Creator, though, didn't appreciate TB's criticism, and decided to take down his review of the game with a "copyright claim". This lead to a strike on TB's YouTube account, which is a very serious offense that can lead to a loss of his monetization privileges.

Of course, Fun Creator was very quick to deny the strike, which is when TB pulled out the big guns, revealing an e-mail from the developer that openly claimed it issued the strike, and demanded to know who "pushed him into" making the video, under threat of legal action.

Fun Creator then denied TB's "proof", claiming that the e-mail was photoshopped.

VP at Maker Studios David Sievers came out to corroborate TB's story, confirming that the copyright strike was indeed issued by Fun Creator.

TB and Fun Creator have been going back and forth on Twitter since then, despite it being pretty obvious to everyone involved exactly what went down here (Fun Creator issued the strike in order to try and shut TB down).

We've reached out to YouTube for confirmation on the story, as well as whether or not they plan on reversing the strike, considering that TB's critical video is protected under "Fair Use".

Source: Twitter

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