Titanfall Will Have Giant Hostile Monsters

| 18 Feb 2014 21:20

As if Titanfall's titular giant robots weren't enough, some maps will feature monstrous wildlife - and they aren't friendly.

There's a lot of hype around Titanfall, and for good reason - if you've played the beta, you know how intense the matches can get. Now that everyone's had a taste, though, you might think you've seen everything the game has to offer. Think again: an early peek at the pre-release book The Art of Titanfall reveals that some of the maps in the game feature roaming AI creatures, from smaller beasts to colossal monsters that will make your Titan look like an ant.

The preview, courtesy of IGN, reveals several Titanfall maps that we haven't seen yet. Many are fairly standard battle arenas, though it's obvious that there's plenty of lore behind each location (which will probably play a big role in the game's multiplayer campaign storyline). Some, however, are set on planets filled with alien creatures that fought back against the settlers. A map called Boneyard, in particular, takes place on a planet called Leviathan, named after the jaw-dropping creatures that forced the IMC colonists to abandon the settlement. And they're still there.

Some monsters "will walk or fly around levels harmlessly until people interfere. Others will attack when you just stare at them." The massive leviathans, it seems, won't enter the combat area. This is probably because they could crush entire buildings without noticing, but in-game, they're warded off by "dog whistle" machines that emit sonic pulses to keep the wildlife out. Maybe this map will feature an objective where the Militia attempts to turn off the emitters, letting the monsters destroy the outpost?

You can research and speculate for yourself when The Art of Titanfall is released on February 25. The full game will be following not long after, with a launch date of March 11 for PC and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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