Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Valencia Streamed Live Right Here

| 21 Feb 2014 15:35

The Theros/Born of the Gods Pro Tour is in Valencia this weekend, and livestreaming the entire time.

The Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour has kicked off a weekend in Valencia today, with early rankings and victories going to some surprising decks - and some not so surprising. Michael Hetrick, for example, has already claimed the first 8-0 of the series, which some are chalking up to Deathrite Shaman's recent ban. Even if you're not a devotee of the world's most popular CCG, watching players of anything at their top level is fascinating. The commentary is quite good, as well, making a few minutes of watching accessible if you know the very basics of the game. The series in Valencia lasts all weekend, February 21st to 23rd.

One of the highlights so far, for sure, is Matthias Hunt winning with a combination of Hive Mind and summoner's pact - forcing his opponent to lose the game because he didn't have green mana in play. It's shaping up to be a good weekend for Magic fans.

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