In Honor of Harold Ramis, Burnout Paradise Lets You Race the Ecto-1 for Free

| 26 Feb 2014 10:00

For today only, Criterion makes the Legendary Cars pack free for Xbox 360 owners.

With the sudden passing of Harold Ramis last week, there's been an outpouring of appreciation for the comic genius all across the internet. In honor of Ramis, Criterion Games is making the Legendary Car Collection DLC for Burnout Paradise free today for the Xbox 360. The pack includes the Hunter Manhattan Spirit, which is a close as you can get to the Ecto-1 without an actual license agreement.

All the cars in the Legendary pack are from famous movies. For example, it includes the Jansen 88 Special, which looks like the converted Delorean from Back to the Future, and even features hover jets. There's the Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger, which resembles Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee, only with a Mexican flag on the roof. And yes, it's good at doing stunts. Finally there's the Carson GT Nighthawk, which is Knight Rider's KITT, but without the voice.

It's a nice freebie from Criterion and a good excuse to go back and play the six-year-old game again. Personally, Burnout Paradise has always been a solid standby game that's still absorbing, all these years later. While Criterion's official tweet only mentions the Xbox 360, it seems to be free at the moment for PS3 users as well. However, those with a PC copy are out of luck, as the Burnout Store has been shut down for some time, rendering the DLC inaccessible. Hey, Criterion, Burnout Paradise 2? Eh?

Source: Twitter

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