Disney Will Film Netflix Superhero Series in NYC

| 26 Feb 2014 13:36

Reports suggest that Disney will be filming its planned superhero series in New York City thanks to a $4 million incentives package.

Back in November 2013, Disney and Netflix announced plans to film and release a four series story that would follow the exploits of the Flawed heroes of Hell's Kitchen. The involved characters -Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage- will each receive their own thirteen episode series, all of which will lead up to a larger mini-series event.

Seeing that heroes in question are all based in New York City, the Big Apple might seem a natural place to film. That being the case, filming on location isn't always something that TV series get to do. That being the case, it's recently been revealed that Disney will, in fact, be shooting the planned series in New York thanks to a helpful incentive packaged pieced together by the state and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The package, which is rumored to be worth about $4 million, is expected to be formally announced in the near future by Governor Cuomo alongside Disney CEO Robert Iger. It will likely be covered by the New York's $420 million Film Tax Credit program which qualified productions can use to help cover up to 30 percent of their expenses. If this deal is officially confirmed it could, in turn, bring hundreds of jobs to the state. In other words, New York gets a shot of employment and comic fans get more accurate renditions of the planned superhero series. It's pretty much win-win.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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