The Jacksonville Jaguars Will Soon Own World's Largest LED HD Displays

| 10 Mar 2014 19:10

Enough room for three full HD replays at once.

Daktronics Jacksonville Jaguars HD LED

Four losing seasons in the last five years can't keep these cats down!

The Jacksonville Jaguars have commissioned Daktronics to build the largest LED-lit HD displays in the world for their home turf, EverBank Field.

Two displays are being built, one for each end zone, and both will measure 362 feet wide by 60 feet tall. That's good enough to stretch from goal post to goal post, and both displays combined would completely cover the field.

Why so big? Each display will have room for three 106x60-foot replay scenes, along with a fourth smaller 44x60-foot space for other graphics. The displays will have a "13HD pixel" layout, so even the biggest content package will have a relatively sharp look.

The two end zone panels will be complimented by a suite of other new, smaller displays, including new corner units, new ribbon displays (those strips on the edge of the upper deck at most arenas), and new panels above the stadium tunnels.

Now Jaguars fans will have plenty of distraction from the merciless throttling their team is undoubtedly on the receiving end of.

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