Flappy Is A Plush Toy That Doubles As A Flappy Bird Controller

| 11 Mar 2014 11:30

This Flappy Bird controller won't break when you inevitably smash it on the ground.

Just because Flappy Bird has been pulled from the App Store and Google Play doesn't mean that entrepreneurial folk will stop clamoring to cash in on the game's success. We've already seen a slew of Flappy Bird copy cats and a $10,000 t-shirt, but now a couple of technologists from the West Coast have developed Flappy: a plush toy that's also a wireless controller.

When Flappy is lifted, a motion sensor inside the toy triggers Flappy Bird's bouncy flight pattern. And judging from the videos, Flappy brings a new level of frustration to an already infuriating game. Luckily, Flappy's plushy exterior means that you can rage throw the toy without causing major damage to pets or family members.

If a Flappy Bird plush toy sounds like something you need, it might be time to make a donation to Flappy's crowd funding campaign. Everyone who donates will get their very own Flappy Bird clone, but the orders won't be processed until the project reaches its $25,000 goal.

Source: Flappy Toy

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