This Fan-Made Doctor Who Trailer Trumps the BBC's Weekend Teaser

| 26 May 2014 16:15

This trailer is good enough that it could have come from the BBC.

The only reason this weekend's Doctor Who teaser trailer wasn't a huge disappointment is because fans have been starved for news of their favorite Time Lord since December's "The Time of the Doctor" Christmas special. Add on to that the fact that Matt Smith is stepping down and Peter Capaldi taking his place - meaning fans have lots of questions about this new Doctor, who only barely made his debut at the end of the last episode - and the teaser's scant seconds of Capaldi (or, really, Capaldi's silhouette) seem like feast of content.

But if you put the teaser side by side with this fan-made "Rain" trailer, the official teaser definitely comes out the loser. Though Capaldi isn't wearing his official costume, the footage used is a close enough match that only the most serious fans will nitpick about the lack of his signature red-lined coat - and the trailer's good enough that fans probably won't even do that.

There's still a wait in store before fans see any new Doctor Who, with season 8 scheduled to start in August - but considering the 1989 to 2005 hiatus that long-time fans have already been through, waiting a few more months to see Capaldi in action doesn't seem all that bad.

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