Fez Creator: YouTubers Are "Stealing" Content From Game Developers

| 19 Jun 2014 02:22
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Fez creator Phil Fish says that YouTubers who don't share ad revenue with game developers are "basically pirates."

Oh look, Fez creator Phil Fish opened his mouth to say something controversial again. This time, he has equated anyone who uses video game content on YouTube to pirates, saying that a significant portion of all ad revenues from these videos should go directly to the game developers.

"YouTubers should have to pay out a huge portion of their revenue to the developers from which they steal all their content," Fish said in the first of a series of tweets. "[Ad] revenue should be shared with developers," he continued. "This should be built into YouTube. Anything else is basically piracy."

He went on to state that "If you generate money from putting my content on your channel, you owe me money. Simple as that," lamenting the fact that someone could "buy Fez, put ALL of it on YouTube, turn on ads, make money from it and that's TOTALLY FINE." He complained that there were systems in place to prevent people doing this with movies, but not with video games.

Fish has since subsequently made his account private, and then deleted it all together, no doubt due to the torrent of people spamming his Twitter with disagreements. Fortunately, GameSpot managed to save the quotes before the account went down.

It's not a great way for someone who is already somewhat disliked by the gaming community to present himself, as an earlier attempt by Nintendo to stop YouTube videos of its games was met with very harsh criticism.

Last we heard from Fish, he had cancelled the development of Fez II and quit the games development industry (though an April Fools Day announcement claimed he had returned to game development).

Source: GameSpot

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