Legend of Korra Game Coming This Fall From Bayonetta 2 Studio - Update

| 25 Jun 2014 18:13

In an upcoming Legend of Korra game, fight enemies as the Avatar with her skills in the four elements and participate in Pro-Bending matches.

Update: IGN has added four screenshots of The Legend of Korra, giving a peek at riding on Naga, fighting, and pro-bending matches.

Original story: Platinum Games, the studio behind Bayonetta 2, is developing The Legend of Korra, a game set in the Legend of Korra universe and taking place during the second and third seasons of the TV series. Activision will publish the game this fall.

Playing as the avatar Korra, players will use the powers of fire, earth, air, and water to fight enemies such as Mecha Tanks and Chi Blockers. The game's announcement trailer also makes it seem like players will fight against dark spirits. Even better, IGN reports players will be able to participate in 3-on-3 pro-bending matches. Tim Hedrick, writer for the TV series, will also write the game's storyline. The Legend of Korra will be available for download on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

While The Legend of Korra will be a third-person combat game, fans will also see the release of a Legend of Korra turn-based strategy game on 3DS. Webfoot Technologies is developing the game. Players will "focus on tactically maneuvering Korra and her allies on the battlefield."

The third season of Legend of Korra premieres this Friday, June 27, with the first three episodes of the season. Korra will have to face the consequences of her decision last season of reuniting the spirits and humans together in the world.

Source: IGN

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