Doctor Who Season 8 Premieres August 23rd

| 27 Jun 2014 16:30

Peter Capaldi will star in his first full episode as the Doctor on BBC and BBC America August 23rd.

Though the BBC had teased us with the tiniest possible teaser trailer and a promise of August, today they've released a slightly longer teaser trailer with an actual date: August 23rd. Along with the date we get a slightly less tiny trailer in that there's actually dialog... albeit not much of it.

"Am I a good man?" Capaldi asks... and that conceit is really what makes Doctor Who's regeneration episodes so interesting. The new actor doesn't yet quite know who he's playing, the audience doesn't quite know who they're watching, and the character himself doesn't yet have the answer to who he is. Regeneration episodes are usually full of surprises... but we can already say for a fact that Capaldi's Doctor is better on the post-regeneration "good man" front than Colin Baker's Doctor, who attacked his companion immediately after regenerating. (In the show's defense, that was during the 1980's.)

Are you looking forward to this new era of Doctor Who are are you already over this 50-year old show? Either way, it's coming to your TV this summer.

Source: io9

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