Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Test Footage Leaked - Update 6

| 30 Jul 2014 19:00
deadpool footage

Recently leaked footage has provided nearly 2 minutes of Ryan Reynolds as the Merc With a Mouth.

Update 6: You have to say this for Fox, they are diligent. We have now removed the movie from the article.

Update 5: We have a more detailed look at exactly how the footage was leaked.

Update 4: IT LIVES!

Update 3: And now the vimeo link is gone again.

Update 2: The footage has popped up again, in much better quality.

Update: And just that quickly, the footage has been pulled off YouTube. We have removed the YouTube link from this story.

Original story: Despite having been in some lousy movies and giving some less than sterling performances, Ryan Reynolds is not a bad actor. In fact, given the right role, he can be pretty good. The real question, of course, is what the right role is. That in mind, recently leaked footage would seem to indicate that the answer is Deadpool.

Marvel's premiere purveyor of sarcastic meta humor, Deadpool is the sort of character that'd be easy to screw up. Just look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That being the case, the aforementioned test footage of Reynolds in the role showcases a take on the character that's arguably about as spot on as fans could probably hope for. Following the Merc With a Mouth as he attacks an SUV full of thugs on a freeway, the footage is filled to the brim with dopey jokes and a general sense of humor that Reynolds just seems to deliver perfectly.

What's sad about this, of course, is that this footage supposedly derives from the long in limbo Deadpool film, of which Reynolds is the star. This is the same film, of course, that was originally announced back in 2009 following the box office success of X-Men Origins. In other words, it's been in the works for five years with almost nothing to show for it. Granted, Reynolds himself has said as recently as March the movie's still going to happen. This "leak," likewise, could very easily have be an intentional one by the studio to gauge interest. That said, we're going hold off on holding our breath for this one. What do you think of the clip and, moreover, of the film's chances of ever making it to theaters.

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