Epic Posts First Video of Unreal Tournament Team Deathmatch Gameplay

| 29 Jul 2014 12:50

New developer footage shows rough playtest matches at the Epic offices.

There's a new video up on the official Unreal Tournament YouTube page today, as development on Epic's Next Big Thing rolls along.

The video gives us our first real glimpse of updated Deathmatch/TDM action, with playtest footage starting at the 1:10 mark. The new Unreal Tournament is immediately recognizable, thanks to appearances by the Shock Rifle, Shield Belt, and Bio Rifle.

There's still plenty of work to be done, as evidenced by the texture-free walls, floors, and ceilings, but the core gameplay, and movement mechanics seem to be in place.

Near-Ultra Kills and Shock Rifle badassery aside, the video also gives some insight into level design, and weapon mechanics. While the Shock Rifle seems to be in good standing order, the Sniper Rifle is only "finally somewhat usable," according to Gameplay Programmer Joe Wilcox.

Between the YouTube channel, Twitch streams, and UT blog, Epic Games' development of Unreal Tournament has been relatively open to the public, which means more videos, artwork, and commentary should be appearing on a regular basis.

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