iFixit Tears Oculus Rift DK2 Apart, Reveals Samsung Note 3 Display

| 31 Jul 2014 16:10

The Oculus DK2 literally has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display tucked inside.

iFixit got its hot little hands on the latest version of Oculus VR's development kit.

The Rift DK2 breaks down into seven components, while the positional tracker breaks down into seven components of its own. The kicker? the display used in the DK2 is directly lifted from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, branding and all.

Oculus, which was cagey about the DK2 screen's origins up through release, has increased the Note 3 display refresh rate, going to 75 Hz from 60 Hz. This ties into the "low persistence" objective, along with a higher-resolution (1920x1080) screen. All of this should keep Oculus wearers from barfing, hopefully.

This is not the first collaboration between Oculus and Samsung; A few months ago, Engadget reported that Oculus was helping Samsung with its VR aspirations. The latter's headset will be Gear/Galaxy-branded hardware, to be used with Galaxy phones and tablets.

I've yet to get my grubby hands on a DK2, but hopefully my pre-order will be fulfilled soon.

Source: iFixit

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