Fox Planning Minority Report TV Sequel

| 9 Sep 2014 19:32
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If you've been waiting for a Minority Report sequel, your wait is nearly over. Probably.

Whether you're familiar with Minority Report as a Steven Spielberg movie or as a Philip K. Dick short story, it's been long enough since either made headlines (the film was in 2002, the story was in 1956) that you could be forgiven for forgetting them. However, Spielberg's production company Amblin means to bring Minority Report back to life with a TV series sequel written by Godzilla scribe Max Borenstein. Fox has just put money down on a put pilot for the series, which means we're one step closer to actually seeing this on screen. And for those not up on their Hollywood slang, this means Fox will either air the pilot or pay a hefty penalty -- so we're likely to see at least a one episode of this futuristic neo-noir drama.

The TV show will be set 10 years after the original movie and will show a former precog -- who used to predict crime before it happened, so the cops could step in to stop it -- trying to live a normal life, but still haunted by visions of the future. And, because this is TV, she teams up with a detective to fight crime find a purpose for her gift. So think future police procedural -- kind of like Fox's recently canceled Almost Human, but with precognition added in.

Because we aren't precognizant ourselves, additional details are scarce on the series-to-be. We don't have a set air date, though we can say we're likely see the show on Fox in the future... unless Fox thinks the pilot is so bad it would rather pay a fine than air it.

Source: Deadline

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