X-Men's Viral Marketing Wants to Save Mutants

| 24 Sep 2014 16:45

Two viral marketing websites are teasing a possible future of mutantkind for Fox's X-Men.

Update: It turns out Fox isn't getting an early start on Apocalypse marketing. Instead, these two websites are promoting the digital and DVD/Blu-Ray release of X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film is available digitally now, while the DVD/Blu-Ray will be out on October 14th.

Original Article: Now that X-Men: Days of Future Past has resolved several lingering plot threads of two X-Men continuities, it's time to move into the future of X-Men: Apocalypse. On that score, Fox is apparently getting ready early, putting out two viral websites that make heavy references to Earth's growing mutant population.

The first website, Tandem Initiative, presents a supposedly scientific organization gathering data on the "genetically gifted". Visitors are encouraged to upload pictures and descriptions of their mutant talents for the purpose of advancing genetic research and medical treatments. "Inspired by the fast-growing population of Homo Sapiens Superior, we believe that studying the extraordinary abilities of the genetically gifted has the potential to assist humanity," the website reads. "Through the identification of HSS outlier genes and their pathways, we can assist all species of humanity through novel new forms of diagnosis and the development of new therapeutic alternatives".

M Underground, on the other hand, takes on the appearance of a conspiracy website exposing oppressions against mutantkind. Most noticeably, it includes "evidence" that the Kennedy family were mutants (a concept suggested in Days of Future Past) by repeatedly showing documentation of Ted Kennedy's healing abilities. "Our goal is simple," the site reads, "to expose those who wish to create a rift between humans and the genetically gifted. We will not let our world be torn apart with misinformation. The only 'mutant threat' is that which threatens mutants."

Perhaps the most interesting detail is an M Underground video referencing stolen Tandem research, implying Tandem has darker plans than their public website lets on. One researcher in particular says "Evolution demands the eradication of the weak," a philosophy eerily similar to that of the mutant Apocalypse.

Of course, this sidesteps the issue that X-Men: Apocalypse is supposed to be set in the 1980s, when these websites couldn't even exist. It's possible these pages are subtly referencing past events that will become clear once the movie launches, but we won't know for sure until we're closer to the 2016 release date.

Source: Tandem Initiative and M Underground, via Newsarama

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