Lead the Huns to Victory in Creative Assembly's Total War: Attila

| 25 Sep 2014 22:59

Creative Assembly's latest Total War title will focus on the reign of Attila the Hun.

Creative Assembly's Total War series has been a long-running favorite of strategy fans, so they will be happy to hear that the dev just announced the latest entry, Total War: Attila. As the name would imply, Total War: Attila is set during the fall of Rome with an emphasis on the infamous Attila the Hun.

As per course, Total War: Attila will be a PC exclusive, and currently has a release date of "2015". You can check out the reveal trailer, which accompanied the game's announcement at this year's EGX expo, to the right.

Janos Gaspar, lead designer on the project, said "We've brought a darker side of the war to the series," explaining that "If you load into that battle after a [prolonged siege of attrition] you'll see walls are already damaged, there are some fires already started, buildings already destroyed and - later on - defenders start to lose people through starvation."

You'll also have options to do some pretty dastardly stuff outside of battle, like raze your own settlements, causing huge morale decreases, but preventing attackers from capturing and exploiting the infrastructure there.

Gaspar added that elements like this will affect the way battle sequences play out, by increasing or decreasing troops morale and thus their effectiveness in battle.

Senior battle designer Simon Mann described Total War: Attila as a "survival-strategy game", especially for certain factions.

"For example: Rome, you've just got to hold on and try and survive, whereas people like the Saxons are also pushed, they've also got to try and survive."

The game certainly looks very impressive, and for die-hard strategy fans, it may be exactly what they have been waiting for.

Source: Now Gamer via Creative Assembly

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