Future Cops: Lambo-Driving Dubai Police Get Google Glass

| 2 Oct 2014 16:30

A quick face scan with Google Glass? The future of law enforcement is here.

The Dubai Police already have a host of cool toys at their disposal. A Lambo Aventador here, a Bugatti Veyron there. I think the best my hometown ever did was the D.A.R.E. Mustang, confiscated from a low-life drug dealer.

But the fastest cops in all the land (ahem) just got another upgrade: Google Glass. Yes, most of the DPF will now rock the Glasshole look, as pursuit car drivers and beat cops alike will be equipped with the connected eyewear.

The Google Glass hardware, coupled with custom-made applications, will help Dubai cops with several day-to-day tasks. First, police will be able to snap photos of traffic violations through Glass, then upload the photos to a database, with tickets to be issued later. Second, equipped cops will have facial recognition tech at their disposal, as their mobile hardware is linked up with an online database.

The database system will also be able to read images taken of car license plates, to see if any outstanding violations are attached to a given car.

The software (and attached police program) isn't quite at Terminator levels -- no real-time facial recognition analytics -- so a policeman won't be face-scanning every passer-by. But don't let me stop you from making Watch Dogs jokes in the comments.

Source: Reuters

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