All-Female Ghostbusters Reboot Officially Happening

| 9 Oct 2014 02:46

Paul Feig and Katie Dippold ain't afraid of no reboots

It was a hot rumor back in August that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig was in talks to direct a reboot (spin-off?) of the comedy classic Ghostbusters featuring a new all-female team of supernatural exterminators, but at the time no one was officially talking.

Now, Feig himself has confirmed via Twitter that not only is the project happening with him in the director's chair, he's bringing The Heat writer Katie Dippold along with him. In addition to the hit Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy buddy-cop comedy, Dippold has also written for Parks & Recreation and is a former member of The Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe.

While it is obviously too early for any casting decisions to have been made, founding Ghostbuster Bill Murray has already weighed in with his picks for the new team. Unheard from (as of yet) is Dan Aykroyd, who had been the principle force pushing for a third film for many years.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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