"Get Buffed" With This Exclusive Icewind Dale Survival Video

| 20 Oct 2014 22:18

The Escapist is hosting ten videos over ten days to help you stay alive when Icewind Dale: Enhanced Dale releases this month.

You may recall that back at the end of August when Wizards of the Coast and Beamdog Entertainment confirmed that the Infinity Engine classic Icewind Dale would be receiving the same Enhanced Edition treatment that Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II did last year. It was an announcement that left many a fan of classic CRPGs happy and itching to get back into the game. That being the case, what about the many newcomers interested in giving in giving it a try? Where are they to start?

One answer might be The Escapist. We'll be playing host to ten exclusive videos over ten days from Beamdog and Wizards of the Coast aimed at giving players a leg up on the game before it re-releases in its shiny new form. The first of these "survival rules", starring the world's greatest first-level mage Alveus Malcanter, is already available and we'd definitely suggest you give it a gander. Assuming you like it (and what's not to like?), we encourage you to stay tuned over the course of the coming days so you can soak up all the wonderful wisdom we'll be sharing.

The Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will launch on PC, Mac, iOS and Android on October 30th.

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