Total War: Attila Gets Release Date, Special Edition

| 24 Nov 2014 22:40

Total War: Attila will hit physical and digital retailers on February 17th, 2015.

Back in September, the fine folks at Creative Assembly unveiled the latest entry in their long running strategy series: Total War: Attila. Aimed at transporting players to the era of ancient Rome's fall, the game's initial announcement revealed that it will include improved siege mechanics and "survival-strategy" gameplay focusing on the helplessness of civilized nations when faced with barbarians like the titular Attila.

Gamers itching to get their hands on Attila will be happy to learn, in turn, that its release isn't all that far off. According to a press release put out by Creative Assembly earlier today, the game will be launching globally on February 17th, 2015. Its launch will include both digital and physical formats, both of which are already available for pre-order.

Individuals who pre-order the game will be rewarded for their early purchase with free access to its first DLC: The Viking Forefathers Culture Pack. The Vikings pack will add three new Norse factions to the game including the Danes, the Jutes and the Geats. All three will be playable and come packaged with their "own unique land and naval units, missions and factional traits." Players who don't pre-order the game will be able to buy the DLC separately for $7.99.

In addition to all of this, the studio also announced that Total War: Attila will be receiving a special edition containing several extra perks not included in the base game. Gamers who invest in the special edition will receive a biography about Attila written by author Nic Fields, a reference guide poster and the aforementioned DLC. The studio neglected to include any pricing information for the special edition.

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