It's Time to Win Ye Olde-Timey Steampunk Glasses from Gunnar

| 4 Dec 2014 01:10
Gunnar Steampunk Edition 310x

Throw these spectacles on, and no one in Columbia will be able to tell you're from...the future.

We're all on board with steampunk, right? Right? No? Anyone object in the back? Anyone? Ok, good.

Now that that's settled: If you're roughly one accessory away from completing that BioShock Infinite cosplay (even thougb Infinite takes place in the 1910's, and steampunk uses the Victorian era and/or the Industrial Revolution as its framework, and...oh, sorry, back to the point), this Gunnar Steampunk Edition contest is probably right up your alley.

Along with a multitude of "Cyber Week" sales (insert AOL-era cyber jokes here), Gunnar is giving away a one-of-a-kind pair of Victorian -inspired spectacles. These cable temple-rockin' specs come with all the advantages of the more modern Gunnar assortment -- amber-tinted lenses that reduce eye strain, protect eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome, and so on -- but with an olde-timey flair.

The contest is free to enter -- no need to drop a Benjamin on a pair, unless you're so inclined and/or your eyeballs are melting off of your face due to excessive Destiny-ing, and you can enter via Facebook, or with your email address. The contest ends Friday evening, but contests happen at Gunnar on a weekly basis (I think), so maybe some futuristic hoverboard-themed glasses will show up next month.

Source: Gunnar Optiks

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