DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Coming to PS4, Xbox One

| 15 Dec 2014 14:25

...and Devil May Cry 4 is coming along for the ride.

Dante is getting the new-gen console treatment, as Capcom is bringing DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition to the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you missed out on DmC the first time around in 2013, this could be your best chance to play catch-up.

Available on March 17th for $40, the DmC revisit will be a bit of a makeover, as Capcom is promising "Uprezzed" graphics, 60 fps gameplay, and full HD 1080p resolution.

The rest of the feature list reads like a Game of the Year Edition rundown; DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition will ship with all released DLC, the Vergil's Downfall campaign, three alternative Dante skins, three weapon skins, and a handful of new and returning game modes. Hardcore mode makes leveling up more challenging, while Turbo mode speeds up certain fight scenes for added challenge. Gods Must Die mode is what "Hardcore" would be in most games (the hardest setting), while Must Style mode dictates that "players must be at an S rank or higher to deal any damage to enemies."

Finally, Ninja Theory will be adding community-sourced balancing and tweaking to DmC, after taking considerable feedback from dedicated players over the last near-two years.

Following the release of DmC in March, Devil May Cry 4 will get the HD treatment as well. There's no price or specific release date just, but it's coming in Summer 2015.

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