Classic Duck Hunt Game Arriving on Wii U Virtual Console

| 19 Dec 2014 11:28

The NES classic Duck Hunt will be on the eShop in time for a Christmas throwdown with your kids.

Children today have never experienced the joy of shooting virtual flying targets with the Nintendo classic Zapper light gun. That latter part won't be a part of the experience, but Nintendo's NES game Duck Hunt will be on the Wii U Virtual Console starting December 25.

In Duck Hunt, players shoot ducks out of the air. If you miss, your hunting dog companion will laugh in your face and shame you for being such a crappy hunter. Instead of the light gun, players will use the Wii Remote to take aim and shoot at the virtual ducks. When advancing to the next round, the ducks will fly faster than before, and the game can become quite difficult at later stages.

If shooting at virtual ducks bothers you, there's a mode where you can fire at clay pigeon targets instead.

There's also a mode to play against a friend, making this just right for challenging your parents or your kids to a game of Duck Hunt to decide who cleans the dishes on Christmas day. The game will be available for purchase from the eShop starting December 25.

Duck Hunt Dog is also a character in the latest Super Smash Bros. The inventor of the classic Zapper light gun, Ralph Baer, passed away this month.

Source: Nintendo

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