Class Action Lawsuit Over Killzone Resolution Moving Forward

| 20 Dec 2014 14:20
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Douglas Ladore can move forward with his lawsuit alleging that Sony misrepresented Killzone: Shadow Fall's resolution capabilities.

Just how important is it that a game meets its advertised resolution? Important enough that one gamer is taking Sony to court over Killzone: Shadow Fall's failure to output at 1080p resolution in multiplayer. Douglas Ladore filed the class action lawsuit earlier this year, and now his case is officially moving forward: Sony has lost a motion to dismiss "all but one" of the lawsuit's claims, according to Game Informer.

As The Escapist reported in August, Killzone: Shadow Fall advertised native 1080p output on the box and elsewhere, but didn't specify that only certain portions of the game could achieve that natively. The game's multiplayer component, as it turns out, runs at 960x1080 resolution bumped to 1080p through interpolation, which Ladore claims is not an acceptable substitute.

Resolution has been a hotly debated topic this generation, with publishers like Ubisoft causing an outcry over claims of lowering resolutions on one system to match another and stating that most gamers don't really care about 1080p (our comments sections say otherwise). Quite a few games have run at lower resolutions on the Xbox One than PS4, despite both systems having been on the market about the same amount of time.

Is all the debate over game resolution nitpicky? On the one hand, a fun game is a fun game, whether it's 1080p or 900p or from the pre-HD era entirely. On the other, consoles and games aren't cheap, and if we're paying hundreds of dollars, shouldn't we get what we're paying for? In the case of Killzone: Shadow Fall, the court thinks it's at least worth hearing about. Of course, this doesn't mean Ladore has won, or will win; his case just hasn't been dismissed. At least Sony managed to get the claim of negligent misrepresentation thrown out; the publisher can celebrate one tiny victory in an otherwise dismal month.

Source: Game Informer

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