Marvel Releases "Ant-Sized" Ant-Man Teaser

| 2 Jan 2015 15:40

Marvel has released a miniaturized Ant-Man trailer that only an ant could see.

Next Tuesday, Marvel will be airing the first episode of its new Agent Carter TV series. With it, moviegoers will get their first real glimpse of the company's upcoming Ant-Man film via a teaser scheduled to air during one of the show's commercial breaks. That being the case, Marvel has apparently decided to give enterprising fans an early opportunity to get a glimpse of the flick via a special "ant-sized" teaser trailer.

And when Marvel says "ant-sized" it doesn't just mean that it's short. To be sure, the actual film footage included in the teaser only spans about ten seconds. That said, the "ant" part of the trailer comes from the way the actual image is displayed. Unlike a normal trailer, the footage released today has been shrunken down so that it only inhabits a minuscule part of the overall screen. In other words, you're probably not going to get much out of it unless you max out your zoom and have a ton of patience.

Not that people probably won't try any ways. In fact, maybe that's what Marvel and Disney are hoping for. Maybe they want fans to be distracted by this miniaturized teaser so the "human-sized" one coming out January 6th might have a chance of not being leaked before its scheduled release. Considering how well things went the last time they tried to keep an anticipated teaser under wraps, we wouldn't put it past the two companies to try and draw our attention with a decoy. What do you think? Are Disney and Marvel being devious? And were you able to catch anything from watching this teaser?

Source: Marvel

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