Chappie Has The Power in New Trailer

| 14 Jan 2015 06:52

Sentient robot battles mechs, Wolverine and Die Antwoord

The first trailer for director Neil Blomkamp's Chappie caught many action fans by surprise by presenting it's story of a newly-sentient robot torn between violence and gentility in upbeat tones.

The new trailer should set said fans minds somewhat at ease, then, as it displays a more action-centric tone while revealing more of the plot: Chiefly, that "Chappie" starts out as part of a whole army of police robots, and that his development is opposed by Hugh Jackman as a human villain piloting a plus-sized mech. As in the previous trailer, South African musicians Die Antwoord are heavily featured as part of Chappie's human entourage.

The film is being positioned as a comeback for Blomkamp, who scored big with the Oscar-nominated District 9 but saw discouraging returns for his follow-up, Elysium. I'll say this much: If that shot of Chappie learning to imitate Masters of The Universe cartoons is setting up a He-Man variation on (SPOILER!) The Iron Giant's "Superman" it's going to be hard for me not to love this movie.


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