New Fire Emblem Game Coming to 3DS

| 14 Jan 2015 10:00

The team that made Fire Emblem: Awakening is working on the next title in the series.

Nintendo announced in this morning's Nintendo Direct the next Fire Emblem game will be on the 3DS family of systems. The Fire Emblem: Awakening team, Intelligent Systems, is working on the new game, which does not have a full title yet. Like previous games in the series, it will have tactical, turn-based gameplay.

Yusuke Kozaki, character designer for Awakening, is also working on the new game. Shin Kibayashi, manga storywriter, novelist, and screenwriter, joins the team as writer. Nintendo said the game will feature an entirely new storyline.

Nintendo didn't give details about the game, like when we should expect to see it or any details about characters or story, but the trailer places some emphasis on a blue-haired female character.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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