Blizzard is Sending Badass Orc Statues to 10-Year WoW Veterans - Update

| 19 Jan 2015 03:03

If you haven't let your World of Warcraft subscription lapse for 10 years, you may be in for a special treat.

Update: Blizzard community manager Bashiok has confirmed the special anniversary gift. He also confirms our suspicions that as well as having to have made an account within 60 days of the game launching, eligible players must have also held a continuous subscription for the game's entire 10-year duration. US, Canada, Oceania, Latin America, and EU players are all eligible for the gift, and should be receiving emails shortly.

Original Story: If you were one of the very first to set sail on the SS World of Warcraft, and haven't abandoned ship in the 10 long years its been sailing, you may be in for a very special treat from Blizzard. MMO Champion has posted an announcement from a since-deleted support topic, detailing the special physical reward for 10-year veterans of the game. And if that's not enough proof, user Smitti has posted pictures of said reward, which is a smaller-scale model of the badass Orc statue that sits outside Blizzard Headquarters.

Check it out, along with the original, below. You'll notice that the base of the statue has a special message to fans, thanking Blizzard's most dedicated fans for being a "constant presence" in its life, just like the full-size statue.

While Blizzard has not "officially" announced the gift, the pictures look pretty legit. According to the deleted announcement, "These gifts were sent to physical addresses of eligible registered accounts. To be eligible for this gift, a player must have created a World of Warcraft account within 60 days of the game's release in America or Europe," and that eligible players should receive an email shortly.

While Smitti says that he has not let his subscription lapse in the entire 10 years he has been playing, the "official" announcement does not seem to state this requirement. However, the message at the base of the statue does seem to suggest that it's a special gift reserved only for those who have been a "constant presence" in the game.

We've reached out for Blizzard for an official confirmation, as well as to clarify the eligibility of the statue.

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