Evolve Dev: "I Don't Like People Thinking We're Doing Dirty, Underhanded S***"

| 23 Jan 2015 01:31
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Evolve director Phil Robb is tired of people thinking his game's DLC policies are "underhanded".

Ever since Evolve dev Turtle Rock Studio's co-founder Chris Ashton said that the game would be built from the ground-up to accommodate DLC, the company has been facing numerous accusations of shady, consumer un-friendly DLC practices. Evolve director Phil Robb tried to defend the practices on his official forums, but alas, to little avail, so now he is venting his frustrations with the community to Destructoid.

"I don't like people thinking we're doing underhanded, dirty shit," Robb said, referring to Ashton's initial "DLC-vehicle" quote. He added that his co-worker's choice of words was "unfortunate," and the fan furor that followed was "hugely disheartening" for him.

Robb went on to clarify what Ashton actually meant by that initial quote, stating "We have the game set up in such a way that we can expand upon it if that is the desire. Our plan is one we pushed for as consumers. Never split the community, no pay to win, all that kind of bullshit that are hallmarks of DLC plans specifically made to leech money out of people."

While he admitted that there are of course, bills to be paid and money to be made with DLC, "If we're going to make money we want to feel good about the way we've done it," Robb stressed. "We don't want to feel like we've hoodwinked people."

However, Robb did say that he didn't "quite understand the knee-jerk negative reaction to DLC. Because I know for me, as a gamer, when I have a game I really love and I play it for a while and I want more, I want more. I'll pay for it. I don't mind." He added that "There are way too many ideas we cannot fit into the box, Budget-wise, time-wise, there's too much cool shit for us to leave it laying there and never do anything with it. But we wanted to be good about it as consumers," which is consistent with his earlier statement that when Evolve ships, none of it's DLC will be finished.

What do you think about Evolve's DLC practices? Can you sympathize with Robb, or do you think that this complicated mess of pre-order/DLC bonuses is about as "dirty and underhanded" as it can be?

Source: Destructoid

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