Here's Your Trailer For The Dead Rising Movie

| 23 Jan 2015 04:18

Rob Riggle is Frank West in Crackle video game adaptation

Crackle, the video-streaming outlet that rocketed to fame earlier this year upon being (briefly and incorrectly) believed to be the only site hosting The Interview, has debuted the first trailer for their original production Dead Rising: Watchtower; the first live-action movie adapted from the Dead Rising games.

The film (which takes place during the events of the games but in different locations and following a different main cast) follows a group of people who find themselves trapped in a quarantine zone during a zombie outbreak, where the situation has deteriorated due to the failure of an anti-zombie vaccine. The trailer reveals the cast (including Virginia Madsen, Jesse Metcalf, Dennis Haysbert and others) in conflict with zombies and utilizing the Dead Rising 2's signature custom-weaponry.

The low-budget feature was directed by Zach Lipovsky, who previously helmed Leprechaun: Origins and Tazmanian Devils. Comedian Rob Riggle also appears, playing the game's hero Frank West in a supporting role. The end result is set to premiere exclusively on Crackle on March 27th, 2015.

Source: Crackle

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